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4401 E 68th Ave, Commerce City, CO
1. From I-25, northeast on I-76 (2 miles) to 74th Ave (exit 8) (I-25 not shown on map). If you are coming from the north, you should take I-270 to I-76.
2. East (right) on 74th Ave (less than a 1 block) to Colorado Blvd.
3. South (right) on Colorado Blvd (.8 miles) to 68th Ave.
4. East (left) on 68th Ave (.2 miles) to Fieldhouse.
5. Fieldhouse is on the north side. See map below.

1. From I-70 exit 276A (towards Vasquez Blvd/US-6) to Steele St (I-70 & Steele St not shown on map).
2. North on Steele St (1-2 blocks) to Vasquez Blvd/US-6.
3. North on Vasquez Blvd/US-6 (3.1 miles) to 69th Ave (Vasquez Blvd becomes Brighton Blvd as you head northeast).
4. West (left) on 69th Ave and then take an immediate left on Brighton Blvd.
5. Continue on Brighton Blvd for only 1 block to 68th Ave.
6. West (right) on 68th Ave (.2 miles) to Fieldhouse.
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