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6525 W 18th St, Greeley, CO
University High School
1. From I-25 exit 257A, east on US-34 (8.5 miles) to 95th Ave (From I-25, at 5.7 miles, US-34 will split, Business Route and Bypass Route. Be in the left lane and take US-34 Byp). I-25 not shown on map.

2. North (left) on 95th Ave and then take an immediate right on 20th St.

3. East on 20th St (2.5 miles) to 65th Ave.

4. North (left) on 65th Ave (.2 miles) to 18th St.

5. West (left) on 18th St to University High School.

As you can see from the map, you can also take US-34 Byp to 71st Ave, north on 71st Ave, east on 20th St, north on 65th Ave, and west on 18th St to University High School.
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