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19191 E Iliff Pl, Aurora, CO
Side Creek Elementary School
From I-25 exit 200, north on I-225 (5 miles) to Iliff Ave (exit 5).
From I-70 exit 282, south on I-225 (7 miles) to Iliff Ave (exit 5).
(I-25 & I-70 not shown on map)

1. From I-225 exit 5, east on Iliff Ave (3.3 miles) to Wesley Dr.

2. Southeast (right) on Wesley Dr (2 blocks) to Ceylon Way.

3. Northeast (left) on Ceylon Way (1 block) to Side Creek Elementary School.

4. Side Creek Elementary School is on the west side.

The aerial photos I used were a couple years old. These photos did not show Weslwy Dr and Ceylon Way intersecting. If they still do not intersect, from Wesley Dr, take the first left on Cathy Way and follow this road around to the school. Maybe this way would be easier anyway. Please let me know.